Better Waste Management Solutions
A platform for better waste management operation.

We give waste operators and other businesses the tools to deliver better service to improve cities

We give waste operators and other businesses the tools to deliver better service to improve cities

What we do

We are building a platform to improve waste management operations.

We seek to help those that make urban environments cleaner, healthier, and more livable.​

We provide software to help waste operators manage their operational processes; QR codes & GPS tagging to enable customers identification, routes tracking, and acceptance of payment across multiple platforms.


The ability to see, in real time, the progress of operations fleet, enabling operators to plan routes, assign routes to vehicles, and see the route progress in real time.
Our platform enables operators to assign each customer a unique QR code, enabling smooth communication between the operator, the home office, and customers.

Whether you are independently registering customers or covering zones assigned by the government waste authority, the ability to understand the customers you service is critical.
Our customer database, allows an operator to save information on their customers, assigns a unique QR code per customer and drops a GPS pin.

Collecting payment is made easier and more traceable, reducing discrepancies by giving operators the capacity to record payment received and send sms confirmation to customers.

About us

A platform for better waste management operation


To equip Africa’s waste operators, utility companies, and logistics companies with the technology & tools to increase operational transparency and efficiency.


To help make African cities cleaner, healthier, and more liveable.


Ayo, the chief executive officer

Cuthbert - CEO

Karim the chief technology officer

Karim - CTO

Ebi, the chief operations officer

Ebi - COO


DalO systems started as Dechets a l’Or, a waste management company in Kankan Guinea – Conakry in 2015. We built a software platform to help us better track our customer payments. From there we added the ability to track our collection teams. Seeing the potential impact of what we built, we shifted our focus from waste collection to operational support, seeking to help waste operators across Africa be more efficient. DalO Systems supports the value chain logistics for waste management operators dealing with challenges particular to the African continent.


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Better Waste Management Operation

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